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F3A Championship 2008

F3A European Championship 2008



14th F3A Radio Control Aerobatics European Championships


Aero Club of Italy (AeCI) and Italian Aero Modelling Federation (FIAM) invite all European FAI affiliated National Air Sport Control Organizations to join with a team in the 14th European F3A – Radio Control Aerobatics Championships for the year 2008 on the following terms:

Every FAI affiliated National Aero Club (National Airsport Control Organization) may enter a Team consisting of one Team Manager, three Pilots and Helpers, in agreement with 2007 FAI Sporting Code Section 4.

Mr. Christophe Paysant-LeRoux (Fra), the individual European Champion for year 2006, will be entitled to participate. Supporters from each participating country are welcome to the event.

As approved by the FAI, the 2008 F3A European Championships Organizing Committee of Italian Aero Modelling Federation (FIAM), in agreement with Aero Club of Italy (AeCI), invites to join with a team in the 14th European F3A – Radio Control Aerobatics Championships.

Site Location
The F3A European Championship will be held in Calcinatello di Calcinato (BS), on the Aeromodelling site called "Casa Bianca" with an asphalt track mt.120 by mt.20, located 7 km away from the shore of the beautiful Garda lake, 5 km west of the city of Brescia.

Field Elevation: 171 mt . above sea level - Coordinates: 45°27’0 " N 10°25’0" E

Average weather conditions in Lombardia during August and September are as follows: Average min. daily temperature : 18° C

Average max daily temperature : 30° C
Average Wind speed : 1.2 m/s

Practice Sites

Five practice sites will be available around the European Championships area within a distance of 100 km. Detailed maps will be made available to all the Competitors.

Competition Rules
In agreement with FAI Sporting Code, Section 4, 2006 Edition as well as all applicable amendaments.

Sporting Licences
Every competitor, Team Manager and Assistant Team Manager must possess a valid FAI Sporting Licence.

FAI Specification Certificate
Each Competitor must present a properly completed FAI Specification Certificate for each model entered in agreement with the FAI Sporting Code. These certificates must be certified and stamped by the National Aero Club (National Airsport Control Organization). Models submitted for registration which are not properly processed with FAI Certificate and stickers shall be processed by the Organizer at a cost of €.10,00 each.

Official Language
Official Languages are English and Italian


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